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Cloud Naya Features

Quality Resources

CRM improves work quality by monitoring the work chain like project requests, responds and other processes.

Project Collaboration

CRM greatly benefits collaborative teams and helps you manage team and their work. Tools of CRM help to manage groups in better ways and also to maximize efficiency.

Activity Management

This feature of CRM helps you and your team to organize and prioritise the tasks. This integral part of CRM also helps to supervise the activities of your team.

Reporting and Dashboard

You can easily get work progress reports of your team easily with CRM reporting and dashboard. CRM dashboard helps to provide a quick view on work progress report of your team as well as business.

Team Management

Staying connected with team is very important for every business and this feature of CRM assist you to stay connected with your team, improve interaction and also to track team performance.

Manage Product Pipeline

This particular feature of CRM helps to oversee and manage the progress of the project and also helps in expanding your business.

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